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Outdoor Crossword


PUZZLE ONE, formerly known as, "Palzer's Pocket Puzzles" and founded in 1986, was started to give our children, then 7, 9, and 10 business skills.  We decided a good product to produce would be a 15-piece puzzle; a puzzle to be used by corporations for marketing and advertising purposes.

And, so it began.

Each child, and mom and dad, was given a title and business cards were made.  The only problem there was that we had to abbreviate the title of the youngest of our entrepreneurs because it was too long for the card.   Everyone was a Vice President of something, except for dad.  He was the one the IRS would go after if things ran off the rails.  Luckily for us, our company did exceptionally well with clients, e.g., Coca-Cola (8,000 puzzles purchased), State Farm Insurance (96,500 puzzles purchased), and Carson-Pirie-Scott & Co., a large retailer that ordered 10,000+ puzzles every year for nine years ($118,500.90 in sales), and many others.
Three of our four children currently or have run a business.  We added an entrepreneur in 1988.  

Check out the INFORMATION page for details.

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