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Size:  6.5 inches by 7.5 inches 

Thickness:  50pt.

Individually Shrink-Wrapped

    Safety is our No. 1 priority at Puzzle One.          That's why we use soy/vegetable-based inks        and recyclable chipboard.  Puzzle pieces       
     are large to avoid swallowing.  Our puzzles
     have been tested by Acts Testing Labs,     
     the same company used by McDonald's               and meet Acts safety requirements.               


PUZZLE ONE puzzles are used for commercial marketing and advertising purposes by corporations, organizations, foundations, healthcare and food providers, insurance providers, the sports and entertainment community, various digital and communication platforms, universities, chambers of commerce, cities, charitable events, and special events.  Our services include branding our client’s name and logo, enhancing existing marketing plans, and displaying our client’s products and/or services.  We can also provide stock holiday puzzles or we can use your image(s).


Some of our clients partner with our present or past clients such as Coca-Cola, State Farm Insurance, and many others.


Clients send a .pdf file of their image to our printer and to PUZZLE ONE. Our printer prints the image 6-up on glossy paper for a cost savings and sends the image to our die-cutting/shrink-wrapper.


NOTE:  A puzzle image is sent to clients for approval prior to producing orders.


Printing is done on 25” by 38” sheets.  After die-cutting, a backer is placed under the puzzle for stability prior to shrink-wrapping each puzzle.


Production time is 3 to 5 weeks, depending on receipt of image by our printer and quantity of puzzles ordered. 


Shipping and handling are done by USPS, UPS or common carrier and is at the expense of the client.  Pricing does not include shipping and handling.

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